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This one looks like a 4600 body, with a Verithin neck. Possibly a blank from the factory which has had a single pickup fitted, with no tone or volume controls.
The trapeze tailpiece is not a normal fit on a 4600.


Verithin banjolin
Owned in UK by Andy, who also owns Verithin 2428

Not a Verithin, but a banjo/mandolin it was made from a Verithin neck blank the tuners have been drilled out evenly rather than 2 added. Andy says there is more of a "home made" look than I anticipated and I was disappointed with it.

This Verithin has been somewhat modified!!! '63-'65, what more is there to say.

Belongs to Graeme in London UK








Here we have a very strange, unusual and very beautiful Verithin variation.

Heres a bit of the story:
I am trying to identify a Hofner guitar for a friend of mine that inherited it from his deceased father. I have looked in several places and it seems that this is a "frankenstein" guitar. The guitar was bought new in Germany at some point during the Veitnam War by an American GI and sent back to the US where it was played for several years, then placed in a closet for several more.

The guitar as I see it

Every part on this guitar is correct and original specification from various different Hofner models.
All the bits are is consistent with 1960 - 62 construction, and the finish appears to be original.
The neck is from a V-series guitar, version I, and the fingerboard is from a Committee/Golden
The body, binding and tailpiece are Verythin correct
The pickguards are intriguing and correct - the pickups and wiring harness are correct.
The Hofner name is engraved into the tailpiece, which is unusual for that model of tailpiece,, but consistent with a one-off Hofner.
In conclusion i think that this guitar was built by Hofner and is a one-off.
I think it's historically invaluable. And worth no more than any other old Verythin.
The above with thanks to Nate.

Owned by Kilted


Here we have another variation on the 4575 theme, this one states, on a Selmer label:
Hofner, Foreign, Verithin Deluxe, Bigsby No: 0403

There are some interesting facts in those words.
The guitar is a Verithin, it had a Bigsby fitted from new.

However it appears to have a bolt on neck! This was only ever used on the 4600
The serial number throws up a variation on the Selmer normal style. So far as I know, there are no Selmer Verithins with a leading zero in the serial number.
Another small but significant detail is the absence of the trimmer pot at the bottom of the control consol, although there is a small trimmer pot inside the body.
No body date exists and I can see nothing significant in the numbers on the pots.
Non original tuners, a white pickguard, and gold plated fittings make this a one off.
Maybe a factory experiment for a new series of guitars, maybe an experimental guitar.
I'm puzzled and fascinated.

Owned by Tony


Serial number 0403





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