New wide style as employed on nearly all Hofners from this period on black background with bell flower and leaf.
HOFNER logo all in Mother of Pearl. Single layer white binding.

Individual open backed; nickel plated with ornate backplates . Plain white or cream knobs. Nickel plated posts.
Nickel plated standard solid bushes (7mm). Nickel plated tuners.
Steel cogs (15 teeth). Nut Three ply; W/B/W.

Five piece; maple/2.75mm mahogany/5.5mm beech/2.75 mahogany/maple. Mahogany and beech strips carried into heel.
Rosewood fingerboard with 6, seven piece horizontal inlays comprising W/Br/W/tortoiseshell/W/Br/W.
Single layer binding white.
Scale-length 650mm. Truss-rod standard type. Two layer bell shaped cover, B/W, fixed with three screws.
Frets, nickel plated jumbo frets.

Laminated spruce; three ply.

Laminated flamed maple back rims. Five layer binding W/B/W/B/W.
Dimensions 520 x 410 x 32mm.
F-holes Single layer white binding.

Black five layer; B/W/B/W/B.

Ebony height adjustable, compensating bridge with adjustable fret wire inserts.

Harp style tailpiece. May have HOFNER on upper bar.

1960 Features
Three colours available, a beautiful russet burst, a brown burst and the first of the cherry reds.
A fourth cpour has emerged, a lovely pale blonde finish.

No changes incorporated this year except electrics and the use of standard frets.
Cherry red became the standard body colour

All as detailed for 1960 but having the following variations.
Neck, sometime in the latter part of this year the three-piece neck was introduced comprising maple/7mm beech/maple.

No further changes these years except that the micromatic bridge replaced the ebony adjustable.
Two piece necks were also introduced during this period.

In 1965 the Florentine De Luxe model appeared.
The guitar is similar in every respect to the standard Verithin model but has sharp cutaways (Florentine)
instead of the more usual round cutaways (Venetian) offered up to this time.
This new guitar featured a modified pickguard never seen before on a Selmer Hofner.
A three way pickup selector was also introduced on this model

The Verithins remained unchanged during this period excepting the electrics, and tuners,
the later enclosed type tuners seem to have appeard at the same time as the blade pickups at the begining of 1967.
Hofner offered two other Verithin models namely a three pickup guitar and a Stereo model around 1965.
These two guitars did not appear in the 1966 catalogue, so it is assumed their popularity did not last long.
All Verithin guitars were available with the option of a Bigsby unit.

The Verithin had European and American sisters, here's the comparison list

Selmer name Selmer Order No. Hofner order No.
Verithin 299 4574 E2
Verithin with bigsby 494
Verithin -65 5127 4575
Verithin -65 with bigsby 5127/44
Verithin-65 bass No selmer equivalent 4575
Verithin 3 pup 5129 4574 E3
Verithin 3 pup  with bigsby 5129/44
Verithin Sterio 5128 4574 E3
Verithin Sterio with bigsby 5128/44
Verithin 66 5137 4576
Verithin 66 with bigsby 5137/44
Verithin bass 5148 500/7
Verithin no binding No selmer equivalent 4600
Verithin no binding bass No selmer equivalent 500/6
Thin body single cutaway No selmer equivalent 4572(i)
The Selmer company also had a range of guitars with their own Logo
Selmer branded
Astra 5527/05
Emporer elec 5526/05
Diplomat elec 5522/051
Diplomat accoustic 5512/05
Triumpg elec 5521/05
Triumph accoustic 5511/05