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Hofner's answer to the Gibson 335! Twin body cutaways and a "very thin" body; only 1.25" (30mm). Introduced in 1960 with Venetian (rounded) cutaways, which were changed to Florentine style (pointed) in 1966. Most were finished in a rich cherry-red lacquer. However, the very first examples had a "russet mahogany" finish and from the early 1970's, cherry red sunburst and blonde options appeared in the catalogues. These finishes were fairly common though on the Verithin's European/US market equivalent, the Model 4574. Twin pickups and controls as the President. A Stereo-wired version was produced between 1963 and 1965, but this sold in very limited numbers.
The Verithin seems to have disappeared from the UK market around about 1972.