I'm attaching some pix of 721 the one I had customized. I bought it off a guy in London for only £250 as his description said it had been repaired. When I checked it out his "repair" was where someone had stuck a sticky label onto bare wood on the back of the Verithin and the residue of glue from the sticker picked up a load of dirt and muck in a perfect square shape to make it look as though a repair had been carried out. Overall it was in very bad condition from a visual perspective with bare wood showing everywhere. I believe in originality but this was silly!! I could have had it resprayed red but it would have looked too new. So I stripped the body, neck and headstock, had new frets fitted along with the lateral pearloid and mother of pearl markers, fitted gold plated Gotoh tuners and had the original Hofner tailpiece, bridge, pickups and control faces gold plated. A specialist guitar painting company in Kent called Sims sprayed the body, neck and headstock to my spec. and the finished product is simply stunning. Not original but stunning nevertheless.
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Verithin 721 owned by Hilary in the UK