4574 Owned by Phil in Germany

These are the before pictures, with a bit of the story.

Dear Geoff, recently I've stumbled accross your lovely Verithin website. Great Job - love it!
As this guitar is one of my favourite guitars I just wanted to share some pics.
I got this guitar off ebay about 2 years ago for a reasonable price.
Some previous owner must have sprayed the front black for whatever reason.
According to the seller, it was serving as wall decoration in a bar.....brrrrr

Now for the "After" story
My first intention was to keep it as original as possible, but as I wanted to use the guitar some changes were neccessary:
Removed all the old pots (of course I keep them, pot date code tell's that this guitar was assembled in 1964) put in 4 new ones (2 pull/push) new pickups (Hofner replacements),
the original ones still work but were a bit weak for my taste.
I changed the wiring to include a pickup selector switch (mini switch fitted to pickguard) together with the pull/push pots this allows more sound options.
Recently I've fitted a set of flat wound 10's - (Thomastik) which makes this guitar sound beautiful both acoustically and through an amp.
The guitar is now routinely used with my band (let's call it indie rock.. ; ) ) and with the jazz big band I play rhythm for.
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