Geoff's Luton Bowman collection

Bowman Models Ltd of Luton were in no way connected to the Dereham-based company established by Geoffrey Bowman-Jenkins in the 1920s.
This company, which was actually Piece Parts and Assemblies, had purchased the Bowman name after the second world war, much to the upset of GBJ.
PP&A were involved in manufacture of aircraft parts during the war and were looking for other areas to expand into after the cessation of hostilities in 1945.
The fact that the Luton engines featured aluminium in their construction may have been more than a passing coincidence due to their wartime activities.
Luton Bowman products should not be confused with their Bowman counterparts.

collectable 'marque' in their own right.





PW 201 **SOLD**

The PW 201 is the smallest in the Luton Bowman range.









PW 202 ***SOLD***

The rarest of the production models, the PW 202 is a lovely overtype engine.


















Luton Bowman Catalogue in PDF format.



PW 203 ***SOLD***

The largest Luton Bowman.