Geoff's small Bowman collection

Bowman Models of Dereham, Norfolk. Telephone: Dereham: 81. Cables: "Bowman". (1929) 1923
Bowman Models was begun by Mr. Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins, who produced a variety of steam toys and models in the mid 1920s and 1930s. These included stationary engines for driving Meccano models, boats of different varieties, and locomotives.

Bowman 101***SOLD***

The biggest and most powerful of the Bowman stationary engines.

Has a boiler 6"x3".


Bowman E158/167 Monster

This engine has parts from both the E158 and E167 engines.
They were bought as scrap engines, renovated and assembled as a new Monster engine by Walton Engineering.

Bowman M140**SOLD***

This smaller engine is a real powerhouse.
It has two flywheels. One drives the inner engine and the other provides the inertia.
The second [front] engine is driven directly from the crank.

Bowman Dynamo **SOLD***



Bowman Snipe **sold**

One of four boats in the Bowman catalogue.

Snipe is 23" overall and powered by a single oscillating engine.



A lovely vintage pond yacht measuring 22" overall and the only non steam item on these pages.

The Bowman Book in PDF format