Jennifer Anne **SOLD**

A one metre hard chine launch. Bought on Ebay several years ago and restored over about seven years.......





Geoff's Boats


The engine is a scratch built single cylinder slide valve pedestal unit with a bore/stroke of 3/4"x1".

It was completely dismantled , cleaned and
reassembled with new gaskets.



The hull was stripped back to bare timber as was the deck and most of the interior.
he rear hatch arrangement was improved and a laid deck installed. The combings were capped and a new rubbing strake together with a brass bowpiece were fitted.

















Ready for the water




The boat was originally fitted with a very big twin tube boiler with brass cladding.
I decided that it was all wrong for an Edwardian Thames launch.
I replaced it with a vertical boiler 3"x6" and gas fired.
I clad the boiler with timber and stained it to get the correct look [the timber is from coffee stirers]!
There are servos to control the steam outlet and the whistle.


Outboard Motor **SOLD**

For a long time I've been looking for a steam model outboard.
The old Boucher ones rarely come up for sale and when they do they fetch silly money.
A guy on one of the model boat forums built one and I asked if he would build me one. Here's the result.
The craftmanship is superb and it runs really well on steam.