Geoff's steam engines from Oceania

Australia and New Zealand have between them about 25 toy steam manufacturers.

I have examples from four of them.

Monarch vertical steam engine **SOLD**

Made by the Weldon Manufacturing Co, 87 Whiteman St, South Melbourne.
They date from around 1950. This engine was also marketed under the 'Monarch' name.


A much larger engine than the Renown 101, standing at 10" overal height with a boiler size of 4"x3"

My version doesn't have a safety valve. It relies on steam pressure to lift the cylinder off the backing plate.



These engines were made in Melbourne, Victoria Australia,

Probably dating from 1948 up to the early 60s.

These engines come in two versions, the earlier ones had a round cylinder and the later ones, a run of about 400, it has the square cylinder.

The logo's were either Parken or Haussegger.


This is a square cylinder engine, one of the 400 made at a later date.


Renown 101 **SOLD**

Made in Barry Avenue, Mortdale, Sydney.

Renown engines date back to just after WW2. Four models were made,

Renown 101, Renown 101 with windmill, Renown steam roller 105 and an
'O' gauge 0-4-0T loco.


Renown 101 **SOLD**



Renown SR 105 **SOLD**

This SR utilised a lot of components from the vertical model.

The boiler with some modifications and the piston and cylinder assembly are all from the 101.


The motive power is the same as on the New Zealand Steam rollers by Cranko and Auld with a friction drive to the back rollers.



David Auld SR ***SOLD***

David Auld was a steam toy maker in Greymouth, South Island,
New Zealand.
He only made one type of roller so it has no model number or name. It's just known as the David Auld Steam Roller.

The boiler is a simple pot type; 45mm diameter x 185mm. It has a safety valve, steam feed and chimney. The steam is fed directly to the engine block.
The engine block is a solid lump of brass supported at one end by the steam pipe and at the other end by a strap wrapped around the boiler. Built into the block is a valve which reverses the feed and exhaust connections to the cylinder, thus reversing the engine. It, also provides some speed control.
The cylinder is a single acting oscillating type; 7.8mm bore x 22mm stroke. The crank is a simple bent end on the crankshaft. The crankshaft is supported in a long tubular bearing with an oil hole in the middle. At the other end of the crankshaft is a mazac flywheel 40mm diameter.
The hub of the flywheel has a groove for a drive belt. The drive belt goes from the flywheel to a large pulley on an intermediate shaft. This intermediate shaft has small rubber wheels on each end which bear on the rims of the two rear rolls. The shaft is fitted into slots in the chassis and is spring loaded so that the two rubber wheels are pressed against the rolls, thus providing a reliable friction drive.