4575 Bass

This very unusual bass was possibly made as a special order, or for a trade show. It has the three pickups and electrical circuits of the Hofner 4575 6-string semi.There is some discussion as to whether this is a 500/7 or a 4575, personally I believe it to be a 4575. I have seen nothing like it, either in "the flesh" or in a catalogue.

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Late 1960's/1970's 4575 BASS GUITAR

The guitar was discovered painted in a very rough white finish and has been restored back to its original red body finish. Three pickups, similar to those fitted on the Hofner 4575 model, make this bass very unusual and very special! The electrics are passive, but fitted with a variable difference level solo/rhythm switch.Schaller bass tuners are fitted - probably the originals as fitted in the factory.

It is owned by Silas



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