Another page for the Verithin Variations.

Something a bit different yet again.

This time a variation on a 4572(i), a bass.

Owned by Music Locker in the UK, here are the notes I sent in response to a query about the guitar [my thanks to Steve Russell for his advice ]


1 The guitar is either:

1. A frankenstein made up from the Hofner spares box.

2 The guitar is a rare Hofner prototype, and this is the way I am leaning.

Several things point in this direction:

The pickups are what are known as Cavern type, only used by Hofner in 1961 and a couple of months either side of that year. The 4572(I) guitar was produced from circa 1960-1965, so the body fits in that time frame.

The pots date the guitar to late August 1962 [week 35 1962], so all the parts are in the correct period.

There seem to be a couple of issues with the neck fixing to the body, the quality of the paint finish around the joint isnít to the normal Hofner standard, it may have been finished after the neck was fitted, not a normal Hofner practice.

The fit to the body isnít quite correct at the bottom end.

I donít recognise the tuners as Hofner parts, the early basses had normal open gear plastic knobbed tuners, the very last off the line had Schaller tuners So a conclusion, but no tablets of stoneÖ..

Probably a Hofner prototype from 1962 that didnít go into production.

These guitars in various styles do appear on odd occasions.

I would be happy to put it on my website with the other Verithin variations.

A word of caution, just because itís a prototype doesnít mean it has a high value, it is really a curio and may not fetch as much as a genuine Verithin bass.