The modern Verythins

At the beginning of the year 2000,a new archtops range was launched these beautiful guitars manage to retain a real link to the great guitars of the '60s and '70s. The Verythin Standard, Classic, and Vintage were introduced and in addition to the German-made guitars listed above, Hofner are now introducing a range of semi-acoustic guitars made at their facility in China.
These are called the "Contemporary Series" (CT), The Verythin CT.



Same body as the old Verithin, with its 1.25" side width, and those stunning "slash" soundholes A laminated spruce top this time, but with a solid spruce sustain block fitted inside the body, this must help to prevent the feedback problems of the old Verithin. Gold plating and ebony fingerboard looks perfect on the Verythin. The available finish on the Classic is Natural Blonde, and a coil tap facility is now provided

Some additional specs

VERYTHIN CLASSIC V1 scale - 25.5", fingerboard - ebony, block inlays, neck - rock maple, asymmetrical carve top, - laminated spruce rims, - laminated "anigree" (African maple) back, - laminated "anigree" (African maple) block, - solid spruce slash-style soundholes, pickups - Schaller mini-humbuckers, gold-plated tuners/bridge - Shaller roller bridge, gold-plated trapeze tailpiece - ABM, gold-plated coil-tapping style wiring binding/purfling - multiple layers

VERYTHIN CLASSIC V2 pickups - Schaller mini-humbuckers, gold-plated, set into body slightly tuners/bridge - bridge changed to Shaller tune-o-matic, gold-plated revised neck set.

. Note: The Verythin Classic is now produced with the "vine" style headstock inlay, similar to the 1960's Verithin.




The John Stowell Signature model, fitted with a single humbucker pickup. Ebony fittings and gold plated pickup and tuners, and the guitar can be supplied in either a Natural Finish or in the Violin Varnish as shown.




The same basic construction as used for the Verythin Classic, but with a stop-tailpiece instead of the Classic's "Harp" style tailpiece, F-holes instead of "slash" soundholes, no coil tap facility, and nickel plated hardware. A much more affordable guitar, which has now been fitted with standard size humbucker pickups after 2004.

More technical specs
VERYTHIN STANDARD V1 scale - 25.5" fingerboard - rosewood, double dots neck - rock maple, asymmetrical carve top - laminated "anigree" (African maple) rims - laminated "anigree" (African maple) back - laminated "anigree" (African maple) block - solid spruce conventional f-holes pickups - Schaller mini-humbuckers, nickel-plated tuners/bridge - Shaller tune-o-matic, nickel-plated stop tailpiece - Shaller, nickel-plated no coil-tapping style wiring binding/purfling - single layer

VERYTHIN STANDARD V2 fingerboard - rosewood, double dots block - solid spruce pickups - Schaller full-sized humbuckers, nickel-plated

VERYTHIN STANDARD V3 (last version) fingerboard - rosewood, single dots block - solid mahogany pickups - Schaller full-sized humbuckers, nickel-plated revised neck set




A Verythin with the traditional Hofner rectangular control panel ( - two volume controls, two individual pickup selector switches, and a series/parallel switch for the neck pickup).

A big plus the beautiful antique violin varnish finish.



Contemporary Series Verythin

Classical Verythin guitar body shape. Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays.
Two 'Full-Size' humbuckers, and nickel-plated hardware. Available in black, antique brown sunburst or transparent red.


Verythin Special Edition

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

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Verythin EVO3

Hofner's three-pickup Verythin, produced for a short period in 2009 and 2010 as a reminder of the three-pickup Hofner 4575 model produced in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The Classic's main features were adopted, without the gold-plating, and the three mini-humbuckers were controlled by a master volume rotary control, two tone controls, and a three-way pickup selector. Each tone control has a centre notch (position 5), with conventional control over the bridge and neck pickups taking place from 1 to 5, with blending in of the middle pickup occurring between 5 to 10. A lovely rich brown sunburst was the standard finish. Pearloid buttons on the tuners of the production guitars seem to have replaced the metal buttons of the early examples. This guitar was replaced by the similar three-pickup Verythin "Custom" in the 2010 catalogue.

Serial numbers

From 2000 Hofner instruments received new serial numbers with six digits:

The first digit means the year of manufaction,

the second and third the month,

the fourth and fifth the day, the sixth is the number of the guitar made this day.
"A" means 2000, "B" means 2001 and so on

The number in the picture is

2000, November 8th. First guitar made that day.

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