A very nice Selmer Emperor.
Owned in Ireland
by Arthur

Selmer Guitars
This is the only page on the Verithin website which is not about the Verithin or it's derivatives.
Rather, it features guitars made by Hofner for the Selmer Company and badged accordingly.

These guitars seem to have been based on the instruments built by Hofner for the Selmer company.
The Astra shown below uses a Verithin Delux 66 body

Built for Selmer by Hofner in the period 1967-1969.
Based on the 30mm Verithin 66 body, it has a very ornate lyre tailpiece and a lyre emblem on the headstock.
Humbucker pickups are fitted and a 3 way switch, the control knobs are metalic.
The scratch plate is very simple compared to the Verithin 66.
This guitar is owned in USA
by Bob

Another Selmer Astra has appeared.
Owned in the UK by John

This is the story

Hi Geoff, Let me thank you for your website info.
I started playing guitar in the 70's on an unusual semi acoustic. I managed to reacquire this instrument and have been keen to get more info on it.
From my addiction to ebay I saw that the verithin guitars bore a striking resemblance to mine. F holes, purfling etc.
Following a link from your comments on an item I now believe my guitar to be a variation on the verithins.
The head stock and tailpiece both carry the"S" Selmer harp logo. The shape has the florentines. Finish is sunburst.
The pickups are similar to the toaster pickups but with 2 x 6 adjustable pole pieces.
I have never seen another Selmer guitar and trying to get any info has been extremely difficult.
It would appear the guitar is a "badge" engineered Hofner.
Unfortunately the manufacturing label has been half torn out.
This still has the Selmer markings and the model is Astroxxx. You can't tell what the last letters are. Astroglide ?
It has been an awesome guitar for the 30 ish years I have played it. Fantastic action and great humbuckers.
It is now safely stored away as I could not face losing my heritage.
Sadly the condition is not great (what teenagers look after their guitar !) but it still sounds and plays great.
I guess because I learnt on it, all other guitars have been compared and in most cases fall short.

This one is a Selmer Diplomat.

Owned in the UK by Alan

Here we have a very beautiful Selmer Triumph

Owned in Australia by George

A Selmer Diplomat owned by Tony