Photographs for the website
Photos, do's and don'ts
1 Always use a plain colour background [an ironed white sheet is best].

2 Try to shoot using natural light, in the morning. Make sure the light is behind you, and don't cast any shadows.

3 Make sure there are no other objects in the picture, we want to see the guitar not the furniture!

4 If you have the guitar on the floor make sure your feet are not in the picture.

5 Use the close up feature if you have one.

6 Try not to use flash, natural light gives the best results.

7 Use a tripod if you have one, and use the time delay feature [2 secs is plenty] this avoids camera shake.

8 For this website, a full front picture, same of the back, closeup of the front and rear of the headstock, close-up of the label and a side view are all that are necessary.

9 Make the pics at high resolution These are only suggestions, of course all photographs are very welcome.