Geoff's small Bowman collection

Bowman Models of Dereham, Norfolk. Telephone: Dereham: 81. Cables: "Bowman". (1929) 1923
Bowman Models was begun by Mr. Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins, who produced a variety of steam toys and models in the mid 1920s and 1930s. These included stationary engines for driving Meccano models, boats of different varieties, and locomotives.

Bowman 101

The biggest and most powerful of the Bowman stationary engines.

Has a boiler 6"x3".


Bowman E158/167 Monster

This engine has parts from both the E158 and E167 engines.
They were bought as scrap engines, renovated and assembled as a new Monster engine by Walton Engineering.

Bowman M140

This smaller engine is a real powerhouse.
It has two flywheels. One drives the inner engine and the other provides the inertia.
The second [front] engine is driven directly from the crank.

Bowman Dynamo



Bowman Snipe

One of four boats in the Bowman catalogue.

Snipe is 23" overall and powered by a single oscillating engine.



A lovely vintage pond yacht measuring 22" overall and the only non steam item on these pages.

The Bowman Book in PDF format